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The CAQ's New "Values Test" Is Now Mandatory For Many New Immigrants To Quebec

The test emphasizes secularism, among other points.
New Quebec "Values Test" Is Now Mandatory For Many New Immigrants
  • New immigrants to Quebec now have to take a values test to remain in the province."
  • The test covers items from the equality of the genders to secularism.
  • A guide to the test champions the controversial Bill 21.

As of January, many new immigrants to Quebec have to take a values test to remain in the province. The controversial Bill 9, "an Act to increase Québec’s socio-economic prosperity and adequately meet labour market needs through successful immigrant integration," passed in June 2019 and "affirms the importance of learning democratic values and the Quebec values expressed in the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms," according to French-only guide to the test released in December by the provincial government.

Bill 9 also emphasizes "the importance of the French language, Québec culture and the vitality of the regions" in the immigration process.

"These values are the result of a common history on the territory of Quebec," the guide explains.

"They make the Quebec society unique, although some of its values are present in other societies."

"It is important to be familiar with the values of Quebec society because they have a concrete impact on the daily lives of all the people who are part of it."

"In Quebec, values are expressed through the rights and responsibilities of citizens. They dictate the rules and social codes that make Quebec society what it is."

"These values will, therefore, serve as reference points and allow you to participate fully, in French, to your new society."

According to the guide, the test consists of 20 multiple-choice questions, 15 of which, CIC News clarifies, test-takers must answer correctly in order to receive a passing grade.

Candidates who fail the test will have to retake it and pass within three attempts.

The guide further states that the values examined in the test fall into five key points:

  • "Quebec is a French-speaking society,"

  • "Quebec is a democratic society,"

  • "Equality between women and men,"

  • "The Rights and Responsibilities of Quebecers,"

  • "Quebec is a secular society."

Under the last point, the guide to the test champions the controversial Bill 21, which bars many public sector employees from wearing religious symbols in the execution of their duties.

The Bill represented "a new step in" the "historical evolution" of Quebec "to strengthen secularism," says the guide.

Example questions in the guide cover items from same-sex marriage to the official language. 

You can read the full guide to the test in French here.

The text of Bill 9 is also available here.

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