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New STM Metro "Red Line" To Extend To Montreal's West Island?

The West Island's answer to the downtown commute.
New STM Metro "Red Line" To Extend To Montreal's West Island?

We got a glimmer of metro-hope yesterday with the AMT's renewed initiative to to extending the blue, yellow, and orange lines. Even with these yet-to-be-seen additions, some Montrealers would still be screwed over, with no metro line planned to extend to the northern parts of Montreal's West Island.

The solution: a red line to the West Island.

Alexander Ly is the conceptual-architect behind this metro line, his personal answer to the metro-woes for West Islanders. Some may argue that the green line goes far enough west, but anyone who lives in Roxboro, Pierrefonds, or D.D.O knows how much of a struggle in can be to get downtown.

Dorval, Beaconsfield, Pointe-Claire, and others are a little snubbed in this metro-map, but let's start with getting these red line stations before we get ahead of ourselves.

The proposed red line would directly connect to the orange line, which in Ly's plan would already have two more stations, Poirier and Bois-Franc, which got the axe (at least in terms of planning) way back in 1976. 7 stations would comprise the east-west running red line (excluding the transfer station) and here they are:

  • Cavendish
  • Guenette
  • Halpern
  • Marie-Curie
  • Avro
  • Des Sources
  • Hymus

Would this work?

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