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New Street Signs To Be Set Up Along Montreal's Streets

An initiative by the city to make street signs easier to read.
New Street Signs To Be Set Up Along Montreal's Streets

Photo cred - Flickr

Montreal is looking to change its (apparently) hard to read white-with-black-font street signs in favour of a colour combo that's easier to see...for old people.

Five 'test plates' are already set up on the intersection of Sherbrooke and Cuvillier in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. Check 'em below. The project is also looking for the best height for street signs, either 3 meters of 4.3. 

Prompting the initiative is Montreal's aging population. Apparently the elderly can't see white on black. Maybe it's for the best, we don't need any on-road collisions because grandma can't see what street she's on.

The street-sign switch is planned to extend between Pie-IX Boulevard and Rue Frontenac, and potentially spread to the rest of the city's street signs. 

Okay, now colour is all well and good, but it doesn't mean much when you can't friggin find the street sign! Montreal seems to have some crazy ideas on street sign placement, and is a legit issue I deal with daily. Even on a street corner the signs are mysteriously absent. Please tell me I'm not crazy. and that the placement of street signs in the city is.

What colour do you like best?

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