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People In Montreal Are Protesting New Train Construction Because It's Messing Up Their Commutes

They even started a Facebook group.
People In Montreal Are Protesting New Train Construction Because It's Messing Up Their Commutes

What people call the"greater Montreal area" is massive in terms of population. Approximately 4 million people to be precise. That's double the population of the city!

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TL;DR Commuters in the GMA are officially protesting the construction of the REM Train

All these people need to get to work every morning, and approximately 80,000 of them opt for the commuter trains to do so. 

In light of theconstruction of the new REM train, you would assume that residents of the GMA would be excited to hear that their commute will be made easier by these new high-tech trains. 

However, in the eyes of Montreal commuters, the cost of building the train well outweighs the benefits.

Currently, construction is causing serious issues on the existing commuter train lines.

Users of the Deux-Montagnes commuter train are dealing with service cuts, less frequent trains, shorter cars, long delays, and interruptions. 

They are fed up with being squished liked sardines into slow-moving train cars every morning.

Frustrations are vented and shared on a public Facebook group angry commuters started called "AMT Deux Montagne Ralley Group." 

The Facebook group already has 1,480 members and it's rapidly growing.

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It's not stopping there, though. These unhappy commuters are taking their protest offline and going right to the source.

They plan on protesting the REM train construction at the head office of the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec this afternoon.

The REM train is projected to be entirely complete by 2023, and that's if everything goes as plans.

We are barely 6-months into 5-year construction plan and citizens are already picketing and protesting. Yikes.

Stay tuned to more news about the construction of the REM train. It's going to be a long 5-years.


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