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New Trump-Trudeau Trade Deal Will Allow U.S. Companies To Sell Illegal Chemically-Altered Milk To Canadians

The new trade deal between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada will allow dairy products from the United States to enter Canadian borders and flood food retailer shelves. The only problem is that chemically-altered milk is banned in Canada, while the U.S. supply is full of it.

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TL;DR The new trade deal will allow for U.S. milk and other dairy products to enter Canada. Although Canada has a ban against adding hormones to cows and their milk, the U.S. does not. This means that chemically-altered milk will be added to grocery stores across the country, despite studies showing the hormones often make the cows sick.

It's illegal for farmers to give their cows hormones to increase milk production in Canada. A certain hormone, known as rBST, is injected into cows in the U.S. to raise milk production up by 16%. 

Although Health Canada has confirmed that rBST poses no risk to humans, there are potential health effects for the cows. 

Studies show that cows given rBST had an increased risk of infertility, lameness, breast inflammation, and mastitis. These are the same cows that produce the milk sold in grocery stores that people buy and drink.

There's massive controversy over whether or not this milk is actually safe to consume, as you're literally drinking fluids from a sick cow. Unfortunately it may be too late for Canadians to question it. The chemically-altered milk will be hitting our grocery stores very soon.

The hormone-filled milk may be difficult to spot when you're at the store, as American dairy producers are not allowed to label their milk "hormone-free." For the most part, it will be a super unnerving guessing game.

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One way to play it super safe is to just buy from Canadian producers, who cannot legally give rBST to their cows. Milk that has a blue-and-white Dairy Farmers of Canada logo on it is free of the dangerous chemical. 

Time will tell how much chemically-altered milk will be entering Canada under the new trade deal, but our guess is a lot. Stay tuned for more information.


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