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New Urgent Travel Advisories Are In Effect For Canadians

Top destinations to avoid and why.
New Urgent Travel Advisories Are In Effect For Canadians

The Travel Advice and Advisories page of the Government of Canada is the best place for Canadians to receive information and insights on possible dangers in any given destination before traveling.

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Although, if you exercise common sense and stay out of objectively dangerous situations, most areas of the world are safe for travel. However, it does help to check the travel advisories before leaving as some popular travel destinations are on high alert.

Don't forget to also check out the full list of countries on the travel advisory HERE.

Mexico - Exercise a high degree of caution

At the moment political tensions are high in Mexico. As a result, the country is experiencing issues such as high levels of criminal activity and violence from organized crime, demonstrations, protests and occasional illegal roadblocks throughout the country.

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Indonesia - Exercise a high degree of caution

The beautiful and lush country of Indonesia is experiencing political and social tensions and the threat of terrorism throughout the country. Also, specific areas have been heavily damaged by the earthquake. Best to avoid these areas, check out more information for the specific regions affected.

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Nicaragua - Avoid non-essential travel

Nicaragua, the surfer's paradise of central America, has been added to the list of travel advisory due to civil unrest, which has been occurring throughout the country since April 2018 and still remains in effect and on high alert today.

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China - Exercise a high degree of caution

China has been placed on this list of travel advisories since mid-July and is still currently in effect due to the occurrence of isolated acts of violence, including bombings and protests.

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Haiti - Exercise a high degree of caution

In recent news, we have heard of violent protests and political and social tensions rising in Haiti. As a result, a travel advisory has been in effect since the end of July. Specific regions are on "avoid non-essential travel" alert, check out more info for more.

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Turkey - Exercise a high degree of caution

The beautiful, bustling city of Istanbul and the beaches of Turkey are a popular vacation destination for Europeans. However, the country is currently on high advisory alert due to the threat of terrorist attacks and the possibility of demonstrations throughout the country. Certain areas of Turkey have been marked as "Avoid all travel" by the Canadian government, including the regions bordering Syria.

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France - Exercise a high degree of caution

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Since mid-July France has been on the travel advisory list due to due to the current elevated threat of terrorism. Cities like Paris have experienced large-scale terrorist acts in the recent past, and caution should be exercised when traveling to some regions of the country.

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