New York Fashion Week Meets Subway

Last Wednesday, New York Fashion Week held one quite innovative fashion show. It was inspired by the TV series Project Runway. The competition's contestants were given a challenge where they had to create couture pieces using material from Subway restaurants.

From Subway napkins, to cups and bags, the contestants impressed the crowd immensely with their creativity and limited resources.

Several celebrities judged the competition, including Mel B, a.k.a Scary Spice!- and she too was extremely impressed with the designers' pieces.

The winner of the competition, Danilo Gabrielli is an Italian designer who moved to New York City in order to pursue his dreams in the fashion industry. Gabrielli's collections include elegant and luxurious pieces for women.

Gabrielli, along with the other contestants put on fabulous show. And Subway's really starting to think out of the box with their advertising techniques!