New York's "The Halal Guys" Is Coming To Downtown Montreal

You'll be able to eat some of the Big Apple's most famous food.
New York's "The Halal Guys" Is Coming To Downtown Montreal

If you love Middle Eastern food, raise ya hands. I know everyone's hands are raised proudly in the air right now, since Middle Eastern food is pure happiness - and for those of us who are in actual love with falafels, have I got some amazing news for you.

The Halal Guys, an incredibly famous - and delicious - Middle Eastern food emporium originating in New York City, is coming to downtown Montreal. No news on the exact date, but according to their Facebook page, we can expect it to open up this summer.

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I know, friends. I know.

For those of us who are aware of what The Halal Guys is, then let me tell you, I am just as excited as you are. But I also get that some of us haven't waited in a ridiculously long New York City lineup to catch a taste of some of the most flavourful foods ever to grace our tongues; and that's cool.

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All I can say to you is that eating The Halal Guys' famous dishes, like their ever-popular platter drenched in their tasty red and white sauces, is one seriously awesome experience.

The restaurant started out life as a food cart, and has evolved to include numerous food trucks and restaurants in New York.

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The Halal Guys' Montreal location will be the first one ever in Canada. They're known for serving up some incredibly mind-blowing dishes, including gyros, pitas, falafels, and much, much more. So, fans of food, rejoice. This one's for you.

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Best news you've heard all day? Awesome! For more information on The Halal Guys, check out their Facebook page or website for more information.

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