-36°C Temperatures Are Expected In Montreal On New Year's Eve, So Cancel All Your Plans And Stay Home

"Should NYE plans be forgot, and never brought to mind."

I for one was very much looking forward to New Years Eve, but as of this morning all plans have been cancelled. 

There isn't enough cheap champagne or 2018 shaped sunglasses in the world to get me to go out on December 31st.

On Sunday night, the temperature will be dropping to -36°C with the wind chill! That's enough to freeze even the drunkest partygoers out there.

Via theweathernetwork

Even Environment Canada says that this extreme cold snap will affect the Holiday period of new year's day.

But it is Montreal after all, so if you do go out, I'm sure you'll see at least one girl waiting in line outside a club without a jacket so she can skip the coat check. 

But for all you sane people out there, you might want to consider cancelling your plans. But if you insist on going out, be careful and dress properly. 

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