Montrealers are a special breed. As much we love complaining about things, we also love bragging about how tough we are, which is sort of counter-intuitive. 

In any case, the one skills we all love to both complain and boast about our ability to handle the winter.

When bad weather hits the city you get to see a lot of peculiarly interesting things.

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Like the one guy wearing shorts on the bus just to prove how tough he is, or the skaters who take to the streets after ice rain has fallen. 

That's just a few of the crazy things we see in Montreal during snowstorms. Here are 10 more:

 People Snowboarding In The Streets

Seb Toots Montreal snowboarding run 2 from Seb Toots on Vimeo.

Buses Being Abandoned 

Inappropriately Dressed Montrealers

via @luxuriousroxy

Creepy Santa Claus Walking Around At 5:00 am

via @victorcambet

Half A Bus

Some Guy Riding A Unicycle

Frosted Beards

via @mb_alphawear

Frosted Squirrels 

People Driving Convertibles With The Top Down

People Using Rackets Or Cross Country Skis To Get To Work

via @ronychidiac

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