*Update: The number of heat-related deaths in Quebec has just risen to 15 

The deadly heat wave that has been affecting Eastern Canada for over a week has now claimed the lives of four more Quebec citizens, ontop of the six confirmed deaths yesterday.

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On Tuesday a series of emergency measures were put in place to ensure citizens were able to access the resources needed. Montreal Police and Firefighters are going door-to-door in the city to check up on vulnerable individuals that may be more at-risk to illness, or even death, due to the heat. Senior citizens, those with substance abuse issues as well as those who are affected by a pre-existing health conditions are considered vulnerable and should be taking extra measures to stay safe until the heat wave passes.

The six deaths confirmed yesterday were all within Montreal, and were all considered vulnerable people. The heat wave has since claimed four more victims (confirmed this morning) in Estrie. 

Although one would think the worst has already passed, authorities believe it's possible the relentless heat will claim more lives before it's gone. The lethal temperatures are supposed to remain until Thursday, when a thunderstorm should bring down the temperatures to the mid-20s

Over the past long weekend holiday, temperatures reached the mid-40s during the peak of Canada Day celebrations. The rest of the week has remained in the low to mid-30s, causing sunburn, dehydration, and heat stroke across the city.

Authorities are recommending everyone to stay hydrated and indoors close to an air conditioner. Most shopping centres around the city are air-conditioned and are welcoming those trying to escape the heat. It's needless to say that staying inside unless completely neccessary is the best option for the rest of the week. Only time will tell if more fall victim to Eastern Canada's dangerous heat. 

Stay hydrated, Montreal! 



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