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10 Things You Need To Know About Quebec's Newest Olympic Medalist

She's a certified badass.

The 2018 Winter Olympics are underway, and Canada is making headlines around the world with its newest medalist.

Quebecois Laurie Blouin took home a Silver medal this past weekend and she's becoming a bit of a celebrity around the country.

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Here's everything you need to know abut Canada's newest Olympic medalist.

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1. Cuts and bruises won't stop her.

Blouin was carried out of training on a stretch after landing face first on the ground. She was expected to drop out of the race, but soldiered on and scored her first Olympic win beating her own odds and aggressive wind speeds causing a 75-min event delay.

2. She's just 21 years old.

t such a young age, Laurie Blouin has been competing since 2011. Check out her competitive standings right here.

3. She has won multiple medals.

Laurie Blouin has received multiple medals and titles in her short career. Most recently winning the Gold Medal at the 2017 World Competition, and finishing 1st in qualifications and 6th in the final at the Big Air event.

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4. She is a certified boarding Badass

She's got mad boarding skills when it comes to surf, snow, and skateboarding. I can hardly move an inch on a skateboard, myself

5. She Really Loves to Travel

She even inked this love into her skin!

6. Blouin brought home a Silver medal for Canada, but she is Quebecois

From the Quebec town, Stoneham, Laurie Blouin grew up in a beautiful Quebec town lined with mountains. The perfect breeding ground for an Olympic athlete

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7. Laurie Blouin is a little bit of us all

Right down to her love for animals and her pets! Just one look through her IG and you can see this is true with all the adorable pics with her golden pup companion.

8. Owes her career to her Brother

Blouin notes her brother as being the main reason she got into boarding, having grown up imitating him. He may have quit, but she kept on going (all the way to the Olympics!).

9. Beauty and the Beef

Laurie Blouin cites her favourite restaurant as Beauty and the Beef! As a HUGE burger advocate, here we have an Olympian after my own heart. Burger date, Laurie?

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10. Laurie Blouin is much more than a snowboarder

A self-proclaimed Tomboy, Blouin doesn't limit herself to the board life. Peep her IG and you'll see she enjoys Motocross,  rock climbing, and other activities.

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