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1000 Dogs And Cats Are Killed Every Month In Montreal

A solvable problem.

A little over 1000 cats and dogs are euthanized every single month in Montreal. 

The rather stark number of animals that are put down amounts to about 50% to 60% of the total 26,000 stray dogs and cats that are placed in Montreal shelters each year, reports The Gazette citing data obtained from the city. 

These animals are put down simply because they can’t find a home. 

But why are literally hundreds of cats and dogs being put in the city every month?

One major contributing factor could be that Montreal doesn’t have an animal-service centre. 

Unlike many other North American cities, Montreal doesn’t have an animal-service centre that is able to assist in the sheltering and adoption of stray animals. 

The city was supposed to build an animal-service centre back in 2011 and it was scheduled to open in 2016. Obviously, that didn’t happen. 

Now, under the Plante administration, Montreal may need to wait until 2022 before an animal-service centre is built and operational. 

That’s assuming a building plan actually moves forward. Right now, the cost to build an animal-service centre in Montreal is estimated at $46 million. 

The exorbitant price is mainly because the proposed building site is heavily contaminated (it used to be a garbage dump) and decontaminating the area could cost millions of dollars. 

Montreal’s plan to build animal-service centre follows a long, turbulent, circuitous path mired by delayed and ever-increasing costs. The Gazette has an in-depth feature on the rather frustrating story, which you can read here. 

But while the city waits ever more to build a much-needed site for animal services, organizations like the Montreal SPCA are picking up the slack. And, most unfortunate, the troubling amount of stray dogs and cats that are regularly put down will continue on as is. 

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