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12 All-New Montreal Restaurants You Need To Check Out This Summer

Burgers, dumplings, tartare, and more!

Well, guys, we finally did it. We made it to summer in Montreal. 

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I feel like it was a long journey, but whatever. It's here. The sun is out, the vibes are good, and it's time to start discovering brand new places to eat! And if you haven't got a clue where to start, don't worry. I got your back!


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500 Rue Rachel E

An Asian-food brasserie situated in the Plateau, Kozu serves up deliciously authentic food in a super trendy setting. 



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5626 Monkland Ave

Delicious and high-quality food, in a super trendy and contemporary spot right in the Monkland Village? Yass and yassss. 



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2194 Centre St

This restaurant is highkey beautiful, and super welcoming. Add that with their quality dishes, and you've got a spot to get excited about!


Le Blumenthal

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305 Saint-Catherine St W

Situated right in the Quartier Des Spectacles, this spot is gorgeous, trendy, and all-around awesome.


Il Miglio

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5235 St Laurent Blvd

Because straight-up, fresh pasta is bae.



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2072 Drummond St

A modern Moroccan restaurant downtown, this spot is the perfect place to discover your new favourite dish. Protip: eat on their terrasse. Trust me.


Perles & Paddock

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403 rue des Seigneurs

This super trendy, soon-to-be-open Griffintown restaurant promises quality dishes in a contemporary atmosphere.



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719 William St

You can expect some seriously awesome salads, toasts, and other dishes at this trendy Old Montreal spot!


Les Street Monkey

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3625 Rue Wellington

This Verdun Cambodian restaurant is equal parts gorgeous to look at, and delicious to eat at.


Bristol Chai

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30 Prince Arthur St W

Chai lovers, rejoice, this teahouse specializes in delicious thai!



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370 Saint-Catherine St W

If you love your buns coated in coffee/caramel, then you've got to check out this spot. 


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