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30 Of The Most Authentic Pizzerias In Montreal That Will Change Your Life

Time for some cheese dreams!

What is everyone's favorite meal? Pizza! Whether you like it on thin crust, super cheese, or covered in vegetables, everyone loves a good pizza. And if you don't, well then I think you may have a serious problem. 

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Lucky for you, Montreal is absolutely full of amazing restaurants that are prepared to bring you the most authentic and jaw-dropping pizzas you will ever have the pleasure of eating. Trust me on this, Montreal knows how to do pizza. 

From Little Italy to downtown, you can find good pizza wherever you go. But, it's important to know where to go!

So, here are 30 restaurants in Montreal where you can find some seeeeeriously amazing pizza.

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30. Pizzeria Adamo

This amazing restaurant was established in October 2015 and opened by Campanelli Food. They specialize in New York style pizza and it will seriously knock your socks off! Check out their website!

Find it here!

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29. Pizza Navona

This amazing place is located in the heart of Montreal and their recipes have been passed on from generation to generation from their family living in the Italian countryside. Learn all about it on their website.

Find it here!

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28. Angela Pizzeria

They've been serving Montrealers for over 40 years and claim to have Montreal's best pizza! This place is amazing because not only do they deliver, but they're open until 6AM. So no matter what, you'll be able to satisfy your pizza cravings! If you live in Montreal, you've got to try it out at least once. Check out their website!

 Find it here!

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27. Mangiafoco

From their decor to their ambiance to their food, this amazing pizzeria knows what they're doing. They even use a Marra Forni oven imported from Italy. Their simple and authentic style is sure to blow you away. Learn all about it on their site.

Find it here!

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26. Industria Pizzeria

This pizzeria/bar prides itself on being the perfect mix of authentic and modern. Their style really excites the taste buds and it's called SFIZI, which is basically small shareable sizes. It's inspired, but importantly, it's delicious. Check out their website!

Find it here!

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25. Amelia's

Founded in 1985 by brothers Christopher and Georges Scodras, this restaurant was actually originally called Amelio's. But when Jennifer, Georges's daughter, took over the business she changed the name. And the rest is history. For three decades, they've been serving delicious and well-made pizza. Check out their website!

Find it here!

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24. Pizzedelic Mont-Royal

This "green" restaurant is attracting more and more customers and for good reason! Their originality and creativity know no bounds. They are dedicated to making pizza that you are going to LOVE. From DJs to drinks, you are going to have a great night. See what I mean on their site.

Find it here!

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23. Pizzeria NO.900

This restaurant may be a chain, but that's only a good thing because it means that there's even more of them! They've even got a food truck. From their cheese to their tomatoes, they only use the best ingredients so you are sure to be impressed. Check out their website!

Find it here!

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22. FCO di Fiumicino

I can barely believe what I'm seeing at this place. They serve Roman-style crispy-crust pies that will blow your mind. They are committed to serving pizza that not only appears Italian but that is actually authentically Italian. They've got you covered. Check out their website!

Find it here!

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21. F+F Pizza

With four locations all over the city, this place is "fresh and fabulous (that's what the name stands for)! They deliver, they've got an amazing menu and they even have wine. I can taste the crust just by looking at it. Now, I want pizza. Check out their website!

Find it here!

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20. Moleskine

This place is a pizzeria meets ice cream parlous meets snack bar meets gourmet restaurant. How amazing does that sound? Almost too good to be true. Well, luckily it is and it's right here in Montreal. Learn all about it on their website.

Find it here!

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19. Pizza Chez Dany

Whether you want a fun night out or you want to enjoy a delicious slice from the comfort of your own home, Chez Danny is the place for you. With cheese made from all-natural ingredients and handmade crispy crust, they serve up quality pizza that will make your mouth water. Enjoy! Check out their website!

Find it here!

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18. Connie Pizza

Their extensive menu is enough to keep you interested. And no matter where you are in the city, they've got a location and a delivery service that is only too happy to bring you the pizza you want and deserve. Pizza lovers unite! Check out their website!

Find it here!

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17. Cafe Parvis

This chill and relaxed setting is a great place for a date where you want to be able to hear someone speak. Obviously, they've got great coffee here, but their pizza is also to die for! With a plant-filled decor and a great menu, you really can't go wrong with Cafe Parvis. Check out their website!

Find it here!

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16. Pizza Prima

They too, of course, claim to have the best pizza in town. They use specially-selected ingredients so that they can serve the best possible pizza, and their work definitely pays off. Their stuff is seriously delicious! Learn all about it on their website.

Find it here!

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15. Stella Pizzeria

This place is a "real pizzeria" and their urban concept and Italian chef sure know how to do pizza. With a simple menu and a great wine selection, you'll have a great night. They're even located right close to Parc Laurier so you can even take a walk after dinner! Check out their website!

Find it here!

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14. Montreal Pizzeria

This place practically screams authentic Montreal pizza. From their neon-light pizza signs to their laid-back interior, these specialty pies will change your whole world. This restaurant is also the perfect place to visit after a night out Check out their site.

Find it here!

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13. Brigade Pizzeria Napolitaine

Created by husband and wife Grace Yeh and Jean-Daniel Nadeau, Brigade Pizzeria Napolitaine is absolutely awesome! These entrepreneurs happen to be certified pizzaiolos, who even knew that was a thing! Either way, I definitely trust them to make a delicious pizza. Check out their website!

Find it here!

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12. Enoteca Monza Pizzeria Moderna

Delicious authentic pizza baked in a wood-fired oven is what makes this place so great! The entire menu is inspired by classic Nonna recipes, so it's as legit as it can get. Did I mention their amazing 4 à 7? Check out their website!

Find it here!

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11. Pizza Il Focolaio

Where do I even begin with this place? It is by far my favorite spot for pizza in the city. With over 70 different kinds of pizza, they have something for everyone! They've got great drinks, great desserts and the whole restaurant is an experience. I will recommend this place forever. I love it! Visit their website!

Find it here!

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10. Pizzeria Geppetto

With a name like Geppetto, you can be pretty damn sure that they serve up authentic Italian food. Just looking at pictures of their food and decor makes me want to be there right now! It looks like the perfect place for a date or even a business meeting. Check out their website!

Find it here!

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9. Pizzeria Bros

Patrick Dogniaux and Carl Sexton are responsible for this amazing establishment. Their passion for pizza can definitely be tasted with every bite. They specialize in thin crusts and I'm sure you're going to love it! Learn all about it on their site.

Find it here!

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8. Bevo Bar 

This amazing restaurant located in the Old Port is the perfect place to party and eat pizza. From Thursday to Saturday, they even have live DJs! Come check out their unique drinks and delicious creations. Their fine Italian cooking will  not disappoint. Check out their website!

Find it here!

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7. Pizzeria Dei Compari

Of course, all of these pizzas are cooked in a wood oven. They've even got whole wheat crust if you want it! With 39 different kinds of pizza, they definitely have something for everyone. And even if you're not down for pizza (which would make you really weird), they've got a full menu with tons of other choices. They do take out too so you can bring their delicious food home. Check out their website!

Find it here!

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6. Artigiani

Start with the wine list, trust me. A good glass of wine along with an authentic pizza straight out of the oven makes for an amazing evening. Their welcoming ambiance and delicious food are only the beginning. Their menu includes a fusion of traditional Italian cooking and modern cuisine. Every generation will love this place! Check out their website!

Find it here!

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5. Pizzeria Pummaro

For starters, their whole menu is in Italian, so if that doesn't scream authentic I don't know what does. Of course I'm kidding, but you just have to look at their food to realize that this is the real deal. And if you don't believe me or your own eyes, I guess you'll just have to go down there and decide for yourself. Check it all out on their website!

Find it here!

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4. Gema Pizzeria

The owners of this place love their family so much, enough to name their restaurant after their four kids. Giovanni + Emilia + Anna + Massimo = GEMA. How nice is that? In their super relaxed place, you can have pizza make especially with ingredients from the Jean Talon market. Find it in Little Italy. Now that absolutely screams authentic! Learn all about this place on their website.

Find it here!

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3. Pizzeria Magpie

Located in Montreal's Mile End, this restaurant serves up some gooooood pizza. They use the best possible ingredients in their modest menu, so they are sure to serve you the best possible food. They serve up traditional pizza and use Italian flour "00". Now that's authentic! Check out their website here!

Find it here!

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2. Botteega

They really know what they're doing at this place. They even have their Vesuvian rock wood-burning shipped to them all the way from Naples. They cook their pizzas at 900 degrees in 90 seconds. The wine list at this place is also designed to complement their pizza and heighten the flavors. Come here for fresh, delicious, and authentic Neapolitan pizza. Check out their website!

Find it here!

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1. La Pizzaiolle

The menu at this place will absolutely blow your mind. Not only it is varied and original, but they use all local ingredients. Their owner describes their food as borrowing from simplicity and authenticity all while using quality ingredients and searching for the perfect combinations of original flavors. Sound good to you? It sounds good to me! Check out their website!

Find it here!


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