5 Ways The STM Bus And Metro Will Be Changing In 2018

Your morning commute is about to get a lot better.

The STM may not be perfect, but it's the best system we have, and it also happens to be the best public transit system in Canada.

And it's going to be getting even better in 2017.

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This year's budget in Montreal may not include any money for the Pink Line, but a lot of money is being invested in public transit which is going to make our lives a lot easier.

Here's how the STM will be getting better in 2018:

1. All the Azur cars will be deployed which will increase the total amount of service by 3,4%.

2. Busses will have 81,400 extra hours of service in total.

3. More buses and metros during evening and weekends.

4. Shorter wait times during rush hour.

5. 300 new hybrid buses featuring USB ports and air conditioning.


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