A Rare "Supermoon" Will Be Visible In Montreal

A celestial event not to be missed.

This Sunday night Montreal will be treated to a pretty spectacular show.

According to Time And Date there is going to be a Supermoon on the night December 3rd and that can only mean one thing: Werewolves.

Okay so that might not be true, but full moons actually do cause unusual changes in human behavior. Scientists even refer to it as Lunar Lunacy

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Lunar lunacy actually influences crime rates, birth rates, mental health, and even the stock market. And the effect is believed to be even stronger during a "super full moon" which is what we'll be seeing on Sunday night. 

Supermoons occur when the moon's orbit brings it closer to the earth. This weekend, the moon will be 14% closer than it normally is, so it will appear to be significantly bigger and 30% brighter.   


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