Okay, guys. It's springtime, and I just love - love. 

Here's an adorable little story for your morning. This is how love works in today's society and culture. 

An American man from Clarkston, Michigan met a young lady from Corner Brook, Newfoundland online almost a year ago. 

The two fell in love, and have been developing their IRL relationship, still behind a screen. 

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C.J. Poirier, who is a struggling full-time barista in Michigan is working hard to cover his living expenses and pay off student loans. 

The 19-year-old Michigan man met Becca, and says it was like "love at first sight." 

The problem here is the distance and country borders. It's not necessarily affordable to pick up and fly to Canada, leaving behind work hours. This is where the power of social media steps in. 

Air Canada has offered Poirier a free round-trip ticket to Newfoundland to see (and meet IRL) the love of his life, Becca Warren - but he needs a little help to get there. 

The catch is that Air Canada will offer this free airfare to him if he can get the support of you, me, and anyone on else on social media who are touched by his story.  

On Twitter, Air Canada asked Poirier about the population of Newfoundland, which is roughly 530k. They declared to C.J. that if he can reach this amount of retweets, they will cover the cost to bring him here to Canada to meet his girlfriend, and take her on a date. 

This has sparked the hashtag, #530KforBecca on twitter, which is currently trending and has nearly 20k retweets so far. 

This is a cuteness overload for the morning. Love in 2018 is interesting. See his tweet below - it's super easy to hit the retweet button right here, and every person counts!   

Both Warren and Poirier share a similar financial situation. Students, working minimum wage with less than full-time hours available to them. 

I think that with the help of all you amazing MTL Blog readers, just a quick retweet will help these two young lovebirds achieve their goal. 

Because in today's world, whats more important than love? Who knows, you might be a part of creating a future for this new couple.

As one of the wisest people in the world says, 

Via RuPaul

Go show them your support on Twitter! #530KForBecca!

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