All-New STM Metro Routes Planned For The Blue Line

The future looks good!

For years the STM and the city of Montreal have been promising to extend the blue line. It may be happening slowly but at least it's finally happening.

The city has already begun investing 11 million dollars to embellish the area between Viau and Langelier and work is expected to begin in 2021. 

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There's no word on the exact address of the first 4 stations, but we do know the terminus will be located at the Galleries d'Anjou shopping centre, near the corner of Autoroute 25 and Autoroute 40.

The other 4 will be located: 

  • Near Pie-IX

  • Near Viau

  • Near Lacordaire

  • Near Langelier

This is what the NEW STM Map will look like in 2025

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