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All The Celebrities You Can Spot In Montreal This Summer 2018

Can you spot em' all?

Summer in Montreal is absolutely booming with celebrities. It can actually be kind of ridiculous. It seems that every week there's a new VIP walking the streets of the city. 

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Now I've never been one to be particularly obsessed with celebrities, but tons of my friends would give their right hand to have dinner with someone from Hollywood. And I mean, I can understand why. Famous people are icons. We look up to them (or do the exact opposite). Either way, it's super exciting that our city is a celebrity hotspot!

This summer is no exception to the rule and you can expect to see a TON of famous people around the block. Who knows, you may be just going out for your morning coffee and end up seeing your idol Anything can happen! 

@jennifer.aniston___embedded via  

Jennifer Anniston

She'll be here for the filming of the new Netflix original Murder Mystery.

@adamsandlerembedded via  

Adam Sandler

He too will be here for the filming of Murder Mystery. This is definitely going to be a movie to see!

@channingtatumembedded via  

Channing Tatum

The filming of the new  Gambit movie has been moved from New Orleans, and the producers have released a statement saying it will probably be in Montreal. How exciting! Want to know more?

@davidduchovnyembedded via  

David Duchovny

Comiccon is going to hosting some of the cast of the X-Files, so that means this guy! 

@gillianaembedded via  

Gillian Anderson 

Just another Comiccon star we can all be excited to see! This X-Files star will be in Montreal before you know it. This event is going to be amazing!

@trevornoahembedded via  

Trever Noah

Just For Laughs is going to be amazing this summer and you can spot him there!

@chucknorrisembedded via  

Chuck Norris

How awesome would it be to see this guy in person? He's here for Comiccon for Missing In Action and Lone Wolf McQuade.

@emmacameronswanembedded via  

Jennifer Morrison 

Now, this is a face you'll definitely know! She'll be here for Comiccon for her role in Once Upon A Time.

@officialdannytrejoembedded via  

Danny Trejo 

Known for Machete, this iconic actor will be here for Comiccon! Now that's someone I'd want a selfie with.

@realmarksheppardembedded via  

Mark Sheppard 

This Crowley and Supernatural star is also making an appearance at Comiccon!

@tiffanyhaddishembedded via  

Tiffany Haddish

Yet another star that is going to make Just For Laughs an event to remember.

@pom.klementieffembedded via  

Pom Klementieff 

Oh yeah, Mantis from Guardians Of The Galaxy is going to be at Comiccon. Get ready.

@darcninaembedded via  

Gina Brillon

The Ethnic Show is going to be amazing this year at Just For Laughs! I can't wait.

@thepersianobserverembedded via  

Maz Jobrani

As this year's host for The Ethnic Show at Just For Laughs, he is going to kill it!

@nikkiglaserembedded via  

 Nikki Glaser

Are you excited for The Nasty Show at Just For Laughs? Because I am!

@jokoyembedded via  

Jo Koy

JI can barely believe the lineup for Just For Laughs this year. Are you ready?

@kevinhart4realembedded via  

Kevin Hart

Now, of course this guy is here for Just For Laughs. Keep your eye out for Kevin!

@gesumontrealembedded via  

Jimmy Carr 

Come check him out at Just For Laughs if you're in the mood for a good time.

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