All The Crazy Weather Montreal Can Expect For The End Of February

Here comes the sun!

We're almost halfway through February and so far the weather has been a lot more tolerable than what we saw in January. 

There was some snow and ice rain, but at least we got a break from all the record breaking cold temperatures. 

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So what can we expect for the rest of the month? The weather will most definitely be crazy, but in this case it's the good kind of crazy. 

You can almost say that winter is over considering how warm it will for the next two weeks.

Via theweathernetwork

There will only be 1 day colder than -2°C! 

Not bad considering Quebec was under an extreme -60°C warning yesterday.

The rest of the time temperatures will be hovering around zero, and best of all there's barely any snow in the forecast and no storms on the horizon. 

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