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Bad News: The Weather In Montreal Is Going To Be Horrible During Osheaga

Crap, crap, crap!

Here's some news no one wants to hear, especially if you've just spent a couple hundred dollars on Osheaga tickets.

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The weather in Montreal is going to be horrible this weekend.

I'm not talking about rain either. I'm talking about lightning, thunder and probably some brimstone.

Via theweathernetwork

The forecast looks pretty much the same from Friday evening all the way to Saturday night. There's a 40-60% risk of thunderstorms, and just to make things more interesting the humidex is expected to reach 38°C on Saturday and 39°C on Sunday.

Luckily we're no strangers to bad weather in Montreal. Last year it pretty much rained the entire summer, so a bit of rain at Osheaga shouldn't exactly ruin the entire weekend.

If anything a bit of rain just gives you a good excuse to have yourself a little intermission from all the craziness. So when it starts raining, have a rest, fill your water bottle, reapply glitter on your face. Whatever you gotta do!


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