Happy International Women's Day! This is the day to celebrate women in all their glory, but unfortunately, huge companies such as Barbie are making a bit of a mockery of it. 

Barbie just released a new line of dolls called "Inspiring Women", which at first glance is awesome! It's amazing! Finally, there are Barbies that little girls can look up to. Thing is, Barbie didn't exactly depict these women as is.

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Barbie is known for their controversies, but you'd think that for something as important this, they would resort back their old ways. Imposing impossible beauty standards on their dolls seriously warps the minds of young girls. It's even more devastating when they apply the same standards to real-life women, inspiring women no less.

Barbie wanted to better understand the needs of society, so they surveyed 8,000 mothers. They found out that 86% of them are worried about the kinds of role models that their daughters are exposed to. In response to that, they decided to release 17 "Inspiring Women" dolls.

The women featured in the line are: 

Frida Kahlo (Artist),
Amelia Earheart (Aviation Pioneer)
Martyna Wojciechowska (Journalist) 
Hélène Darroze (World-Renowned Chef)
Ashley Graham (Model And Body Activist)
Patty Jenkins (Filmmaker)
Katherine Johnson (NASA Mathematician and Physicist
Yuan Yuan Tan (Prima Ballerina) 
Sara Gama (Soccer Player)
Leyla Piedayesh (Designer and Entrepreneur)
Ibtihaj Muhammad (Fencing Champion)
Bindi Irwin (Conservationist)
Xiaotong Guan (Actress And Philanthropist)
Chloe Kim (Snowboarding Champion)
Gabby Douglas (Gymnastics Champion)
Ava Duvernay (Film Director)
Hui Ruoqi (Volleyball Champion)
Nicola Adams Obe (Boxing Champion)

Via Barbie

Considering the level of prestige that these women have achieved, don't you think they should've been depicted as is?

If you look at the photos, the athletes are stripped of their muscly bodies and are replaced with more feminine ones. Their arms are sleek and thin, their hips are shapely. They don't have the beautiful athletic bodies that they have earned. 

They even plucked Frida Kahlo's iconic unibrow!

I'd love to be happy about this; Barbie is definitely taking steps in the right direction, but they are not quite there yet. I think it's great that they made Barbies of such amazing women, but I definitely think they shouldn't have tampered with them.

This video definitely has a good message; it is super important to inspire young girls to follow whatever career path they choose. I just think they should look real while they are doing it.


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