Travel envy. I get it often.

I am lucky in the sense that I do happen to get out of Montreal to see some pretty stellar events and cities across North America... but I get some mad travel envy whenever someone I know ventures off the continent or overseas.

I never thought I'd be getting envious of a BIXI bike, though.

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A Montreal BIXI bike has turned up somewhere in Morocco!

Via Spotted:STM

Spotted:STM had posted about a BIXI turning up in the Morocco streets just before this weekend, and it's lead me to wonder - how did this happen?

I mean, this obviously did not make it on a flight, right? They obviously did not bike to Morocco. How did this happen?

This BIXI bike has officially beat all the travel experiences I've ever had!

Via Spotted:STM

Via Spotted:STM

Spotted:STM noted in their post that they found the owner, and reached out to them.

The BIXI bike owner claims he had bought this bike at a Flea Market in Rabat, Morocco!

Pretty cool to see some very "Montreal" items kicking around the Moroccan streets.

Hope it's a good ride for ya, bud! This is one of the most iconic BIXI bikes out there.

Also, in case you did not know - the Montreal BIXI's are out in full force, and once again they will be available for FREE on Sundays.

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