In Montreal, we can be proud of our coffee culture: amazing independent coffee shops pop up all over the city, fueling residents with that sweet, sweet bean water. 

Le Café Fest celebrates our independent coffee shops in a yearly festival. Their fourth edition will be taking place from May 5 to May 11. To highlight the abundance of good coffee in Canada, participating coffee shops will be giving away coffee for just $1 on May 11.

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TL;DR Le Café Fest is highlighting the abundance of good coffee in the city by giving away coffee for just $1.

The Café Fest highlights independent coffee shops around the country. Some participating Montreal coffee shops include Anticafé, Cafe Osmo, Le Dépanneur Café and Avenue G.

The festival will be taking place between Sunday, May 5 and Saturday, May 11. Amongst other events that will take place during the festival are $1/$2 coffees. 

On May 11, participating coffee shops will be selling ristretto, espresso, americano and filter coffee for $1 and cortado, flat whites, cappuccinos and lattes for $2.

Note that the coffee choice and format are at the discretion of the participating coffee shop... so you may have to hold off on your extra-hot dry cappuccino.

Whether you prefer a hot cup of coffee or a refreshing cold brew, we can all agree that nothing is better than good, cheap coffee.

The fest is also holding an Instagram contest! Take a photo of your coffee in a participating store, Instagram it and you could win one year of coffee, a workshop for two, or a coffee basket from Barista Microtorréfacteur.

You can find the list of participating restaurants here. You can also learn more about Le Café Fest here.

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