Canada Predicted To Shatter Medal Record At The Winter Olympics

#1 here we come!

Canadians have been doing especially well at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics. In fact it's been one of our best years ever!

So far this year, Canadian athletes have racked up 13 medals.

4 Gold - 5 Silver and 4 Bronze. (As of Thursday Feb. 15th 9:45 am)

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We've even won three in the last 12 hours alone!

Right now we're in 3rd place overall and it's we're only 9 days in!

We would need 27 medals to beat our current record and as of this morning Canada is predicted to win at least 40 medals which shatter our previous record.

This may be our best winter Olympic run of all time!

For the complete updated list of Canada's medal count, click here.

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