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Canada Releases First-Ever "Pure Gold" Loonie

The iconic coin turns 30!

The Royal Canadian Mint has released some pretty epic collector coins over the years.        

There's the $3 coin, the new loonies and toonie, the glow in the dark toonie, but this next coin might juts be the most extravagant one yet. 

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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the iconic loonie, the royal Canadian mint is releasing a solid gold, limited edition set of loonies.


Don't bother looking for these in your chance because they will obviously not be put into circulation, in fact a set of 2 coins will cost you about $5,500.

But what's even more insane is the act that the Canadian mint has already sold close to 300 sets! 

There are only 350 sets in total, so if you happen to want one, check out the Royal Canadian Mint website

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