Canada Will Definitely Beat Its Olympic Medal Record Total In Pyeongchang

Only 2 Medals to go.

When the prediction first came out that Canada would shatter its Olympic medal record this year, not everyone believed it. But now that goal is more attainable than ever!

As of 7:30 am on Thursday February 22, Canada Has won 24 Medals: 9 Gold - 7 Silver - 8 Bronze

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Our previous record was at the Vancouver Olympics in 2010 where we won 26 total medals: 14 golds - 7 silver - 5 bronzes.

That means we only have 2 Medals left to go!

We already have more medals than the US (21) so we have a good chance of beating them this year, and did we mention we still have the Men's Hockey event left to play?

So when you think about it we only really have one medal left to go.

And considering there are 3 more days left, it's pretty much guaranteed that Canada will beat its medal record this year.  


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