Norway and Canada are sister countires. We both really like moose, skiing, and complaining about the cold. Bound by a mutual bond, one that all countries with cold, brutal winters share, we've even helped each other out on occasion.

However, recent events have led to a cooling in Norway-Canada relations. The Norwegians are coming for our moose statues. And we're not happy about about it. The Norwegian city of Stor-Elvdal now has the largest moose statue in the world, to the chagrin of Canadians, whose moose statue Mac held that title for a long time. 

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TL;DR The Norwegian city of Stor-Elvdal now has the largest moose statue in the world, and the two countries have engaged in playful word-fights over the last few weeks. Now, a Norwegian delegation is heading to Canada to discuss the situation.

The two countries, who have playfully jested with each other over the last few weeks, are now meeting in Saskatchewan in what is being called the "moose summit."

The Norwegian delegation is composed of Linda Otnes Hendriksen, the deputy mayor of the Norwegian community Stor-Elvdal. They are coming to Moose Jaw, home to Mac the Moose, formerly the largest moose statue in the world.

She will be arriving Friday and leaving on March 6. During her time here, she hopes to take in a hockey game, a few tourist sites, and, of course, see Mac the Moose.

Despite this peace offering, the mayor of Moose Jaw, Fraser Tolmie, says that they hope to one day take back the title of largest moose statue in the world.

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“We are excited to welcome Ms. Henriksen to Moose Jaw,” said Tolmie in a media release. “Although she has suggested the possibility of the two moose becoming equal in size, we can’t ignore the overwhelming financial and emotional support that has been offered in the name of making Mac the world’s tallest moose statue.”

Oh, Canada.

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