For the second time in one week, Instagram is down in Canada. An attempt to open it on desktop yields as a message from Facebook, which owns the popular social media site, promising, "we're working on it and we'll get is fixed as soon as we can."

Instagram has yet to release a statement about the current outage.

As is tradition during an Instagram crash, Instagram users are flocking to Twitter to express their frustration and criticize the site for the temporary inconvenience.

Below are compiled some of the best Twitter reactions.

There is a lot of drama.

Instagram crashes are especially inconvenient for influencers, who rely on the site for revenue. Recreational users, of course, like to make fun of these professional Instagrammers.

Indeed, Instagram users resort to melodrama when their favourite site crashes.

Many are pointing out the frequency of these crashes. It's unclear if they are actually a result of system updates (which are notoriously panned among the Instagram user community).

Stay tuned. We will update this article with more information as it becomes available.

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