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McDonald's Customers In Canada And The U.S. Are Claiming That Their Orders Of Fries Are A Lot Smaller Than They Should Be

What gives with the half-filled containers?

Whether you're a die-hard McDonald's fan or occasional fast food dabbler, we can all agree on one thing: McDonald's fries are the bomb. Long golden strips of perfectly fried potato, salted to perfection, McDonald's fries fall into the "bet you can't eat just one" category of addictive.  

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TL;DR Countless angry McDonald's customers have recently turned to Twitter to complain about half-filled fry containers. Could this be explained as the product of unrealistic expectations set by glossy advertisement, or is it due to a real potato crop issue?

According to recent news, the fries at McDonald's and other chains may look and taste different this coming year. That's because the raw ingredient, Canadian potatoes, have had a rough year.

Yes — the intense and unpredictable weather we experienced in 2018 destroyed nearly 4.5% of Canada's potato crop.

The potatoes that survived are short, stumpy, and brown.

That said, I set out to do some research on the current potato and fry situation across Canada and the U.S. and found something very interesting in the process.

What really stood out to me is that people are not complaining about the appearance of the fries, but rather, the fact that McDonald's seems to be seriously skimping on fries.

Looking at some of these photos, I see their point. The container is not even half filled in most of these cases. I would be upset too.

If you check Twitter, there are literally dozens upon dozens of people experiencing the same issue. The tweets are concentrated in the last month but especially the last two weeks.

And while most complaints come from people in the United States, there are several angry Canadians, as well.

When there is a trend as apparant as this one, something larger must be underlying it.

The tweets are way too concentrated to be a coincidence. 

Some called it a "stunt."

This is certainly unusual.

To be fair, McDonald's did reply to many of these tweets to investigate and attempt to make amends. But something appears to be up.

It doesn't help either that McDonald's perfectly curated advertisements are setting unreasonable expectations in the customer's mind.

This is what a container of fries looks like in McDonald's ads and promotions. As you can see, the fries are full to the very top! 

@mcdonaldscanadaembedded via  

@mcdonaldscanadaembedded via  

This is undoubtedly a huge and obvious point of frustration for McDonald's customers.

It is uclear at this time whether these smaller portions are the result of a new policy, problems with the potato crop, or something else entirely.

We reached out to McDonald's and McDonald's Canada for comment.

A representative from McDonald's Canada responded by stating that "millions of Canadians enjoy our World Famous Fries, every day. So, there is no doubt we take every aspect of them very seriously. Let us be clear: fry portions are the same. Nothing has changed."

Stay tuned.


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