Raptors fans were faced with some interruptions on their way to the Championship celebration parade this morning when a suspicious package was spotted at Queen Subway Station.

Everything is in order now, according to police, but there was about a half an hour that had fans being evacuated from the area and a significant slowdown on the subway.

According to the CBC, Toronto's TTC Subway also had to deal with overcrowded trains that were forced to bypass some stations in order to keep congestion to a minimum.

With the insane crowds in Toronto today, it would seem like no one has any work to do! Or otherwise, they must have some seriously forgiving bosses. 

The tweet below was sent out by the Toronto Police Operations Centre when the suspicious package was first noticed.

The tweet above indicates that the subway station where the package was found was closed, in addition to the surrounding streets, highlighted in red below. 

Pedestrians were not allowed on the streets marked in red above, including the entrances to the Eaton Centre. 

Pedestrians were evacuated from the area, which was likely very busy considering it is on the Raptors parade route, which you can see marked in black and red at the bottom left of the map.

After about half an hour, the Toronto Police Operations Centre updated the situation saying that everything was "in order," and the area was being re-opened. 

They managed to deal with the situation just in time, as the parade began at 10AM and was headed directly to Queen Subway Station. 

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The crows in Toronto are clearly out of control, but luckily only in the best way possible.

In fact, the Championship Parade has managed to accumulate more audience members than Trump's Presidential Inauguration. Now that's a fandom.

To read the CBC's coverage of the incident, head to their article here.

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