This week, Payless, a popular shoe store with locations in Canada, the US and Puerto Rico, announced bankruptcy. The store, which everyone remembers buying school shoes at in the early months of autumn, will be saying goodbye to its 248 stores in Canada. All in all, it will be closing around 2, 500 stores in North America.

Payless stated that they were unable to keep up with the changing retail market. Though this is sad, at least we will be able to take advantage of liquidation sales! And, for those of you who are worried about returns or using up old gift cards, fear not: you can still do both of those things.

TL;DR You have until the end of the month to return any item bought at Payless, and until March 11 to use a gift card.

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Bought something there before February 17, but changed your mind? Fear not, you have until February 28 to make a return.

Aunt Linda bought you a gift card to Payless, and it's been sitting in a drawer ever since? Now's the time to dust it off. You have until March 11 to use any gift card you have.

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Most stores will be closing in March, though a few will remain open as late as early May. Go get those sales while you can!

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