A petition on Change.org has gone viral thanks to Reddit and several thousand supporters who are ready to see Montana become Canada's 11th province.

The plan is to get 25,000 signatures, and they aren't far off. As of right now, the signature count is already at 18,288 and signatures are still coming in fast.

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TL;DR A petition to make Montana a part of Canada has gone viral and nearly met its goal of 25,000 signatures. 

The petition is currently titled: 

Sell Montana to Canada for $1 Trillion to eliminate the national debt

And the Change.org page has a very simple mission statement: 

"We have too much debt and Montana is useless. Just tell them it has beavers or something."


The home of the beautiful Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park, the state stretches from the Rockies to the Great Plains.

While Montana doesn't boast any large urban metropolis, it is full of natural treasures, like Going-to-the-sun Road, seen in the video below.

@twoadventurersembedded via  

Montana's capital city is Helena and the largest city or metro is Billings. The total population of Montana is 1 million, ranked 44th in terms of population in the States.

Signatures are still coming in quickly, at the time of writing this article I've watched at least 6 new people put virtual pen to paper to support the sale of the state.

Via Change.org

The comment section also sheds a little light on the beginnings of the petition, which was started by Reddit user /vAppleJuice.

Via Change.org

In a Reddit comment, he admits he made the "meme" petition while "bored in class," and didn't expect that the whole thing would take off in such a way.

But apparently, he's got the support of more than a couple Montana locals.

Via Change.org

Like I said above, I'm totally behind this idea.

It's not quite as exciting as making Turks and Caicos our 11th province, but I'm all for it. At least it's less Palin and more exciting than adopting Alaska!

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