The government is calling on you to do your part during the COVID-19 outbreak in Quebec. Amid an escalating public health emergency and mounting efforts to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, health officials have released guidelines for hygienic practices that they say could save lives. The goal of all this is to "flatten the curve" and ensure that the provincial healthcare infrastructure remains below capacity. 

Now, the Ministry of Health and Social Services has put out a call for help from residents.

"Anyone who has experience or training in health or the social services who wishes to lend a hand to deal with the spread of COVID-19 is invited" to contact the ministry, a tweet from the Santé Québec account reads.

The announcement on the Ministry website doesn't elaborate as to what experience or training is necessary, but it does supply a simple list of information that applicants should provide in their message, including:

  • "the desired region" of work;

  • "the title of the position" in which you can work;

  • "the desired activity sector;" and

  • "whether or not you have a valid professional licence."

The government asks qualified individuals to submit this information, as well as their full names and phone numbers, to the email address:, which in English reads, "I contribute COVID-19."

As of Sunday evening, over 1,700 people have applied to help, according to a tweet from the Premier.

Meanwhile, the province is taking steps to ensure that healthcare professionals are able to get to work.

Though residents are encouraged to work from home and avoid peak commuting hours, Premier Legault stressed that it's important to keep public transit running so that people can get to and from hospitals and clinics.

Childcare services will also remain open for healthcare workers despite the closure of schools across the province.

The declaration of a health emergency Saturday will further enable the Ministry to more quickly access necessary equipment, its website explains.

For the general public, visits to hospitals and residences for elderly people are banned to prevent the propagation of COVID-19 among vulnerable populations.

More information on new regulations in Quebec is available on the Ministry of Health and Social Services website here.

More information on recommended precautions to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus is available on the government of Canada website here.

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