• Amidst the situation surrounding COVID-19 in Quebec, Vidéotron has decided to provide all of its current clients with unlimited residential data for the entire month of March.
  • This removal of data limits also applies to business packages.
  • Get more information below.

Quebec has been shaken by the situation surrounding COVID-19 for the past few days. The people of the province are now being advised to take some serious prevention measures. For the ones who will now be working from home until further notice, we have good news for you. Vidéotron has decided to provide all of its current clients with unlimited residential data for the month of March. The company will also be removing data limits for current customers' business packages.

The announcement was made in a press release on March 13.

Over the past few days, many Quebec workers have been told not to go to their office. Instead, they have been asked to work remotely, if such is possible for them.

Likewise, people returning from travel now have to place themselves in voluntary isolation for 14 days upon return and are unable to travel for work.

Those who are with Vidéotron will probably be delighted to be able to surf the internet without worries — and by that I mean, without fear of exceeding their data limit.

"In order to promote the implementation of effective teleworking measures within Quebec organizations and businesses, Vidéotron is announcing that it is suspending data caps (usage fees) on all residential and business Internet packages for its current customers from now until March 31," said the telecommunications giant.

So, if you're one of their customers, you now have an unlimited data plan until the end of March.

It's all automatically applied to your current plan, so you don't have to move a finger.


Narcity reached out to Mr. Merick Séguin, Public Relations Advisor at Vidéotron, who said that residential Internet data should not be confused with cellular data.

Indeed, this news does not concern cellular data, but only cable internet.

So, don't get caught using your LTE without being too careful in the next few days — you could get a nasty surprise on your next bill.

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Federal authorities announced some additional measures to deal with the pandemic on Friday.

Between school closures, cancellations of events for more than 250 people, and madness in the province's grocery stores, there are many new measures being put in place to ensure the health of Quebecers.

The government has issued a checklist to help one prepare for and prevent COVID-19. You can find it here.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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