• A Flash Freeze Warning was issued for many regions across Southern Quebec today.
  • Environment Canada is warning drivers and pedestrians alike to be aware of the slippery and icy surfaces that can result from the rapidly dropping temperatures.
  • Find out more below.

Much of Southern Quebec is under a Flash Freeze Warning from Environment Canada today, while other regions are dealing with rainfall warnings, wind warnings and extreme cold warnings. Essentially, it might as well be Monday all over again with this miserable weather. Montreal is not currently under warning, but the forecast, seen below, shows that after rain and flurries today, the temperature is going to drop quite significantly in a very short amount of time, meaning we could see some icy sidewalks tomorrow.

The Flash Freeze warnings were initially issued late last night and have continued through to this morning for most of the previously-included regions.

Environment Canada warns that "a vigorous cold front will make temperatures drop rapidly this afternoon."

This flash freeze will cause roads and other surfaces to quickly turn to ice, becoming very slippery. Environment Canada is reminding drivers and pedestrians alike that highways, walkways and parking lots will all be affected and will require adjusted movement to avoid accidents.

The warning was issued due to the expected extreme drop in temperature that will likely result in "water from rain or melted snow on streets and sidewalks to quickly freeze."

The map below shows the areas that were put under warning late last night, December 9, 2019, around 9 p.m. In addition to Flash Freeze warnings for many regions, Environment Canada also issued some rainfall and extreme cold warnings.

For example, Chevery was issued a Rainfall Warning as the region was expected to see "a total of 30 to 40 millimetres of rain," which was also expected to be "heavy at times."

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The map below shows the current areas under a warning as of 8 a.m., December 10, 2019. Some warnings have evidently been lifted as the extreme weather passed or was no longer forecasted to see the impact of the extreme weather. 

The region of Matagami was not listed as having a Flash Freeze warning but instead was listed as having an Extreme Cold Warning with wind chill values expected to reach "between minus 35 to minus 45 through Tuesday night."

Below is the weekly forecast for Montreal. As seen above, the Montreal region was safe from any of the flash freezing expected to hit much of Southern Quebec later today.

We will, however, see our own freeze happen tomorrow as temperatures drop drastically. 

We will see some precipitation throughout the afternoon today, whether it is rain or flurries, and then the temperature is expected to drop nearly 20 degrees overnight. 

This could mean that Wednesday is another ice rink day in Montreal, so find your crampons. You might need them.

Stay safe out there!

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