Last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Montreal to launch his campaign in Quebec. A born and raised Montrealer, the Prime Minister attended McGill University and represents the Papineau riding. Unfortunately, the Prime Minister didn't field any questions from the media. 

Rolling into the Arsenal Contemporary Art building in his campaign bus, the Prime Minister wowed Liberal supporters and introduced his Quebec campaign. In a roughly 15 minute speech, Prime Minister Trudeau discussed classic talking points such as jobs, immigration, and the environment.

He never mentioned Andrew Scheer by name, instead, he compared him to Stephen Harper at every chance he got. Well over 200 people were in attendance

Though we couldn't ask him any questions, the MTL Blog team started wondering what we would ask the Prime Minister if we had a few minutes of his time. And we were incredibly curious to find out what Montrealers would ask Trudeau, as well.

So, we went to Twitter and like always, Montreal, you didn't disappoint. Your questions ranged from hilarious to offensive. Here are some of the best. 

One of my favourite things about Montreal is that we're never lacking in political engagement. If Montrealers have a problem with something, you better believe you're going to hear about it. 

The Prime Minister promised that he'd make sweeping changes to electoral reform during his 2015 campaign. He promised to eliminate the "first-past-the-post" system but apprently ditched that proposal in 2017. 

Bill 21 is a hot topic these days and many Montrealers want to see the Liberal government abolish the bill. Many believe that if the Federal government steps into a Provincial jurisdiction, the country would become even more divided

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At his campaign rally in Montreal last week, Trudeau didn't bring up Bill 21. Instead, he focused on his platform and discussed the usual talking points. 

Another topic that always comes up when discussing Prime Minister Trudeau is his affinity for funky socks. I'm not sure if he funds his election campaign with sock sales, but those JT socks are simply wonderful. 

Others had a comedic edge to their questions, inquiring about the Prime Minister's relationship with Melania Trump and telling him to reveal the truth about sexy Squidward.

Not to worry, Montreal, your neighbours also asked some serious questions about veterans affairs, Indigenous issues, and reform on broadcast standards. 

It's encouraging that so many Montrealers are politically engaged for this election cycle. More so than ever, this election is looking to be contentious and hard-fought to the very end, especially given the emerging scandal surrounding photos of Trudeau in blackface and brownface.

The Prime Minister will continue his campaign through the month leading up to the October 21 election. He'll be making more speeches around Quebec and Montreal so stay tuned! 

If you have a question you always wanted to ask Prime Minister Trudeau, drop us a line @MTLBlog on Twitter and we might include them in a future article! 

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