• The season of snow in Montreal is about to officially begin, as Environment Canada is forecasting snow every single day for the upcoming week.
  • Flurries and wet snow are going to fall on Montreal starting today and continuing until Tuesday of next week.
  • Take a look at the weekly forecast below!

Well, it looks like there's no denying it now: we've officially entered the season of snow in Montreal, as Environment Canada is calling for a little bit of the fluffy white stuff every single day this week.

The forecast yesterday was playing at three days of snow, namely today, Wednesday, and both Saturday and Sunday. But now, if you take a look at the weekly forecast below, you'll see that sweet little snow icon is making an appearance every single day this week and even continues into Monday and Tuesday of next week. 

The POP, or probability of precipitation, is also a solid 60%, which means it likely is coming, whether you're doing your snow dance or not.

Though, there is the potential that fluctuating temperatures could bring about rain instead of snow during the day. So... if cold rain is better in your mind than snow... you can hold onto that.

But with overnight temperatures dropping steadily below zero, even if we get rain during the day, it's looking like we'll still be seeing snow overnight. Personally, there's nothing I love more than waking up to snow on the ground.

To be fair, though, I work from home... so I get to enjoy it from the safety and warmth of my living room.  

Below is the weekly forecast for Montreal, provided by Environment Canada. As you can see, that cute little snow icon is making itself present for the next seven days straight, as temperatures start to linger around the zero mark, even during the day.

We've had a pretty spectacular fall, even with the significant amount of rain, and I'm someone who loves our seasons.

We're so lucky to get to experience four distinct seasons here in Montreal, and winter is just a part of the puzzle, so I try to appreciate the beauty and magic of snow. Not always easy, sure, but it's more fun to be excited about it than to dread it!

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You'll notice that today, in particular, is calling for a "chance of flurries or rain showers," and the 30% POP was for early this morning. 

Tonight, the forecast from Environment Canada calls for "light wet snow beginning overnight," which will continue into tomorrow.

Then that "wet snow" will be "changing into rain near noon," tomorrow, and tomorrow night will see another 60% chance of flurries as the nighttime low drops to -4 C.

In fact, depending on where you were and how early you got up this morning, you may have already seen some flirty little flakes falling from the sky, as the Twitter user above did in Lachine. 

And of course, there was some flurry action happening on Halloween 2.0, again depending on where you were in the city you may have seen it. So this isn't the first snow for Montreal.

But it could be the first week of snow... in a long season full of them.

Strap in! Winter is here.

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