Jim Carrey has made a career of being the whacky funny guy but in his private life, the Canadian comedy legend is a philosophical and contemplative type who creates incredibly pointed political art. 

Since 2016, his 18 million Twitter followers have been privileged to experience Carrey's subversive and satirical political cartoons which predominantly feature characterized versions of Donald Trump and his henchmen in various situations. His cartoons are a direct indictment of America's current political climate. 

Carrey is showcasing over 50 of his best pieces in his first-ever Montreal exhibition at the Phi Centre. Running from June 20th to September 1st, This Light Never Goes Out: Political Cartoons of Jim Carrey is a must-see event! 

According to Jim Carrey, he wants to "express my feelings of outrage through my art." A long-time American citizen, Carrey's cartoons react to the Trump phenomenon that's plaguing their nation. 

Publishing his art on Twitter allows him to reach a legion of fans and even opponents. Along with his drawings, he includes a scathing caption that relates to what's in the piece. 

On the Phi Centre's official website, they explain that "the exhibition demonstrates how creative civic engagement can influence public debate." Indeed, Carrey's chosen means of distribution (Twitter) makes his art all that much more relevant to modern political discourse. 

In the above piece, he depicts Trump as a giant asteroid that's about to collide with Earth, calling his presidency an "extinction level event."

For a sneak peak and to learn more about the exhibition, watch the MTLBLog video below:

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Recently, Jim Carrey has shifted his attention from comedic acting to art. He most recently appeared in Showtime's Kidding and is set to appear in the new Sonic The Hedgehog film as Doctor Robotnik. 

While many of us know him from films such as Ace Ventura, The Mask, and Dumb and Dumber we can now get to know Jim Carrey the visual artist at his Phi Centre exhibition in Montreal!

Not one to pull any punches, Carrey's art is satirical, subversive, and totally worth checking out, no matter your opinions on his "muse," Donald Trump. 

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Don't miss out on This Light Never Goes Out: Political Cartoons of Jim Carrey now on from June 20th to September 1st! 

Everything you need to know

WHAT: This Light Never Goes Out: Political Cartoons of Jim Carrey

WHERE: Phi Centre, 315 rue St-Paul O. 

HOW MUCH: $12.40 per person.

For more information, check out the Phi Centre's official website

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