On August 13, Lime scooters officially launched in Montreal. The launch was delayed by several months while Montreal lawmakers decided on the proper way to regulate the new transport option. Many lawmakers were worried about the arrival of the scooters, because in other cities and countries they had been involved in accidents or the scooters had been left to litter the sidewalk. 

The city of Montreal decided to put in place a framework of rules that would minimize the risk and nuisance that these scooters could cause. However, it appears that very few people are actually following these rules.

From riding without a helmet to parking outside of designated zones, Lime users do not seem to care about the strict regulations in place. And that it making many people very angry.

Despite having launched only a few days ago, many have taken to social media to post photos of improperly parked scooters. 

"Montreal is a dirty city where many throw their garbage and cigarette butts on the floor. Do you really think that these same jerks will pay attention to where they will leave their electric scooters?"

The infractions go both ways: some have taken to Twitter to show cars intruding on designated Lime parking zones.

"Already an illegally parked vehicle near Guy street and Maisonneuve Boulebard. Parking zone for Lime bikes."

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Others find the scooters to be a nuisance because they are too fast, or expensive. We asked Montrealers what they thought about the new Lime scooters, and these are some of their responses:

As an aside, this was one reaction that really made me laugh.

Might cyclists finally understand what it's like to have an intrusion into their space?

We get it, BIKES ARE ANNOYING. I'm kind of glad that Montrealers are starting to focus their hatred on a different mode of transport, though.

It's worth noting that not all comments towards the new scooters are negative.

If you have thoughts or photos of the new Lime scooters that you want to share with us, you can find us on Twitter.

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