• "Major" computer problems at the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) have forced it to cancel all appointments and turn away patients today.
  • It's neither clear what caused the problem nor when the hospital will restore normal service.
  • This is just the latest in a string of unfortunate events to befall the sprawling complex at Vendôme station.

The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) has cancelled all clinical and emergency appointments today due to a "computer systems error." MUHC hospital authorities are asking patients to visit another hospital for any emergencies. 

According to a press release, the MUHC is "is taking all necessary measures to ensure patient safety." In the afternoon, the MUHC announced that some systems are "gradually returning to normal" but that "the situation remains unstable". 

If you had an emergency appointment this afternoon, you are required to go to another hospital. The nearest hospitals are the Montreal Jewish and the Montreal General. There are also numerous clinics and CLSCs in the area.

Keep in mind that waiting times will be increased exponentially should there be a huge patient influx. 

The cause of the MUHC's computer malfunction is currently unknown. The hospital's emergency services function on this system which is why they had to cancel all appointments today. 

The MUHC's emergency centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The hospital's website is also currently down. Anyone with a pressing issue can call the MUHC at 514-934-1934. 

The hospital will release updates on their social media accounts.

The hospital was completed in 2015 after years of construction problems. The MUHC went over-budget and cost Quebec taxpayers $1.3 billion. 


The former CEO of the MUHC was also caught committing fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering with SNC-Lavalin after he was given over $22 million in "consulting fees" by the firm before he awarded them the contract. He is awaiting extradition in Panama after he fled the country and was arrested by INTERPOL agents. 

The two former CEOs of SNC-Lavalin were given 51 months in prison and 6 months house arrest, respectively, after pleading guilty to charges of bribery.

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Not only that, but ever since it opened, the MUHC reportedly has terrible handicap accessibility (remember — it's a hospital), water damage in the parking garage, and numerous electrical problems. 

Furthermore, the hospital has made numerous budget cuts and is running an $8.8-million deficit in 2019. The Montreal Gazette reports that fundraising revenues also dropped by almost 30% in 2018 after a ton of negative publicity. 

And today, this computer systems error that has paralyzed all emergency services.

Needless to say, the MUHC has seen its fair share of issues these past few years. Will they ever end?

We'll update this article as more information is released.

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