In the heat of the summer, it's understandable that some of us might be a little hot under the collar. For many of us, we need to deal with punishing heat as well as cramped metro conditions.

Sometimes, that unholy combo creates a concoction of conflict that exacerbates an already uncomfortable situation. That's exactly what happened on the rails of Montreal's metro this afternoon. 

MTL Blog reader @santhiya07 sent us a series of videos that shows two men coming to blows over what she says was an accidental shove due to a sudden movement of the train. According to the eyewitness, police were called and then men weren't allowed to leave the platform.

This unfortunate altercation only proves that when tensions boil over, no one wins. The videos are below in an Instagram carousel. Viewers be warned that the men use strong and offensive language.

The event, as described by our eyewitness, unfolded as follows: "the guy in the white shirt pushed the guy in the blue shirt by accident because the train was moving. They both started to argue. Then, the white shirt guy left because people were telling him to leave the train for starting the fight."

As per the video, a third man entered the fray after the guy in the white shirt left the metro car. She continues, "a guy in a red shirt asked the blue shirt guy to leave since he made a scene. Then the blue shirt guy started to hit the red shirt guy and people pushed them both out of the train."

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If these men had followed the "no cavemen" rule according to the STM, maybe this wouldn't have happened. We can't fault them for feeling frustrated in what looked like a cramped metro car. 

I mean, we've all been there, right? A sweltering metro car is no place to be in the summer, especially after a long day's work. I admit to sometimes wanting to punch the next person who bumps into me, but we live in a society. 

The situation eventually diffused after other metro riders shoved the men out of the metro car. No word on whether anyone was detained by police, but according to our eyewitness, authorities prevented the men from leaving.

It's rude to punch someone, so don't do it no matter how hot and annoyed you are, ok? 

If you're feeling hot and bothered by an annoying fellow metro rider, take a breath, settle down, and take about 80 to 85% off your annoyance. It'll all be over soon enough. 

If you know the men involved in this fight, call their mothers so she can give them a good talking to. 

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