• After weeks of improperly-parked scooters and e-Bikes scattered around Montreal, the city has decided to take action. 
  • Renters will now be fined $50 for leaving a rental Lime scooter or Uber JUMP bike anywhere other than a designated parking zone.
  • The companies will face fines, too.

It seems like the City of Montreal has seen enough Lime scooters being thrown in the Lachine Canal and are finally taking steps to mitigate this parking problem.

As of today, users that are caught parking Lime scooters outside of the designated zones will be fined $50. The same fine will also apply to Uber JUMP bike users. 

Both rideshare programs have seen their share of hiccups in the few short months that they've been in Montreal. Launched as pilot projects over the summer, Lime and Uber JUMP are allowed to operate in the city only if they follow stringent guidelines and regulations.

JUMP bikes must be parked on public bicycle racks and Lime scooters can only be parked in designated zones around the city. Naturally, Montrealers have taken a liberal approach to these rules. 

If users don't get personally caught, city inspectors will charge the companies $100 for every improperly parked Lime scooter or JUMP bike.

The charges will be effective immediately so think before you discard your Lime scooter or JUMP bike on the sidewalk.

Though they are frequently used, Montreal's new ridesharing platforms have been met with scorn and annoyance from many residents.

All too often, pedestrians and business owners in the city have to contend with discarded Lime or Uber JUMP bikes that litter the sidewalks. Many Montrealers I've spoken to think that these services are beneficial but that too many people abuse the rules. 

The city addressed the issue at a press conference Friday morning. They said that too many riders are not following the rules. Users can expect to be hit with fines if they get caught improperly parking Lime scooters or Uber bikes.

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It's unknown how many scooters and bikes are left badly parked on a day-to-day basis, but take a quick walk around downtown Montreal and it's guaranteed you'll see at least a handful of improperly parked Limes and JUMPs.

Fines will also affect the companies as city inspectors will simply send a $100 fine to them. With fines like those, Lime and Uber JUMP's longevity in Montreal seems more tenuous by the day. 

With the potential arrival of Bird e-scooters in Montreal, other companies will have to factor in potential fines to their plans to enter the market in the city.

Though, If the city decides it's too much of a hassle, we might just see the end of Lime scooter and JUMP bike-type services in Montreal.


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