While we're still over a week away from the official first day of spring, it sure is going to feel like we've put winter behind us over the next six days. Yes, Montreal weather this week is going to feel positively printemps as we're looking at six straight days of positive daytime temperatures. The mornings might still feel a little nippy, as nighttime temperatures will still be dropping below zero, but we can look forward to at least five days of sun or, at least, a mix of sun and clouds.

Environment Canada has also issued a Special Weather Statement for the Montreal area as overnight rain is threatening to turn into freezing rain as the nighttime temperature is expected to be "very close to the freezing mark."

The rain isn't expected to begin until midnight, so fret not for fear of getting wet on Monday. With that said, if this rain does freeze, it could make for an ugly Tuesday morning commute.

It is also likely that the rain could continue into Tuesday, and it's looking like rain on Thursday, as well.

Gripe all you want, but this is to be expected of spring. If it's raining, we can at least be glad it isn't more snow, right?

Below is Montreal's weekly weather forecast, provided by Environment Canada

As you can see, every day this week will be above zero, temperature-wise, and it's looking like most days are going to be sunny or at least relatively sunny.

Sure, we've got some spring-appropriate rain, and nighttime temperatures are still dipping pretty low, but we're well on our way to saying goodbye to the winter cold.

Plus, this rain probably means we can start saying goodbye to the snow on the ground.

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Currently, however, Montreal is surrounded by freezing rain warnings (the regions in red on the map below).

Only the island and its South Shore suburbs are exempt — at least for now.

The regions in red are expected to get "5 to 10 millimetres of freezing precipitation" overnight on Monday and continuing into Tuesday.

Here's hoping the freezing rain skips Montreal and we're left with more days like this past Sunday, when temperatures were mild and the sun was shining.

If the freezing rain does decide to strike, though, we will be sure to update you with all the details.

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