• As the Montreal wind storm continues to rage on, it has now gone to injury one man in Parc-Extension.
  • The man was struck by falling debris as the wind ripped loose bricks from a building at the corner of Saint-Roch and Champagneur.
  • He has since been taken to hospital with grave injuries. Video of the aftermath below.

The Montreal wind storm has officially done more than simply inconvenience trick-or-treaters or cause some lost power. A man has been struck by falling debris in Parc-Extension after the wind ravaged a building and sent loose bricks falling to the ground.

The man, who was likely waiting for the bus at the corner of rue Champagneur and rue Saint-Roch when the building began to collapse, was struck by the bricks and has since been taken to the hospital to treat serious head injuries.

The police are currently on the scene directing traffic as fire teams work to forcefully demolish the rest of the falling wall in an effort to avoid any further injury or damage.

The videos below show the aftermath of the scene, where the wind continues to rage on. In the first video, you can see the fire teams assessing the damage after the man had been removed from the scene.

The second video shows the fire teams working to knock down the loose bricks in an effort to avoid any further damage.

A witness who was on the scene, Tab Sherzad, sent these videos to MTL Blog and explained, "A portion of the building wall collapsed injuring one man. The victim is transferred to hospital with head injuries [...] The rescue teams are demolishing the unsecured walls of the building to prevent any other accident."

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The map below shows the intersection where the incident occurred in Parc-Extension.

We contacted the SPVM who let us know that the matter was being taken care of by the Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal as well as Urgence-Santé.

I spoke with Urgence-Santé spokesperson Benoit Garneau who told me that they received a call at 2:40 about someone who had been struck by bricks on the head. First responders arrived quickly on the scene to a male victim who was conscious but confused. He was transported quickly to the hospital to be treated for injuries to the head.*

More videos from across the province show that this wind is proving to be a fierce match for some of Quebec's older buildings.

We will update this article with any news.

*This article has been updated to include a statement from Urgence-Santé.

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