As evidenced by the relative popularity of JUMP bikes, electric bicycles are gaining in popularity as a mode of transportation in the city.

BIXI, the city's main bike-sharing service, is hoping to expand into electric bike-sharing services. The popular bike company launched electric bike pilot project last year, which they called a success.

Because of this, BIXI says that the addition of new, electric bikes is imminent. Though we don't have an exact date for when the new electric bikes will join the fleet of already existing BIXIs, CTV reports that it's only a matter of "months."

Last August, BIXI's pilot project added 20 electric bikes to their fleet to test demand for electric BIXIs.

Now, the company says that they just need to re-organize the system so that they can properly integrate the electric bikes.

BIXI has been in Montreal for 11 years, and it has only been growing in popularity. CTV reports that this is BIXI's most successful year to date, with over 36,000 rides per day.

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However, for the first time, BIXI faces some competition. Uber, the well-known ride-hail app, has left a fleet of electric bikes in the city.

The bikes, with their distinctive bright red colour, can go up to 32 k.m/h.

Unlike BIXIs, JUMP bikes are more expensive: $0.30 a minute for a JUMP bike as opposed to $2.95 per half hour for a BIXI

During the pilot project, electric BIXIs were rented for the same price as a regular BIXI, so we have no reason to believe that this will change when a bigger fleet of electric bikes join the network.

Last year's electric BIXIs could reach a speed of 25 k.m/h. Like JUMP bike users, electric BIXI cyclists must wear a helmet.


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