If you enjoyed ordering Beyond Meat sandwiches at Tim Hortons, you better stock up and enjoy them while they last because Tims is pulling the plant-based burgers off the menu in Quebec. In fact, Global News reports that all provinces except British Columbia and Ontario will see Tim Hortons Beyond Meat products taken off the menu. 

Parent company Restaurant Brands International Inc. (RBI) says that they've seen the most positive receptions in Ontario and B.C. which is why customers can still get Beyond Meat at Tims, explains Global News. After only three months, it seems that the rest of Canada didn't take to plant-based burgers at Tims as easily as B.C. and Ontario. 

The company claims that Beyond Meat was only a limited-time offer but back when they first announced it in June, they never mentioned the limited availability. All 4,000 locations in Canada saw Beyond Meat products on the menu but the company wasn't specific on whether or not the product would return to every Tim Hortons. 

For now, Beyond Meat will only be available in the other 8 provinces while supplies last. In the summer, Tims released two varieties of Beyond Meat burgers and three Beyond Meat breakfast sandwiches.

Beyond Meat products at Tim Hortons found mixed reviews across Canada. Our review in June concluded that "if you asked me if it was a good burger, I would probably tell you no. It was a little too cold, with not enough veggies and a pretty plain sauce." 

Despite that, a lot of people seemed to enjoy Tim Hortons Beyond Meat burgers and are disappointed that the company decided to discontinue the product. 

The popularity of Beyond Meat products has soared in the past year and many restaurants began offering Beyond Meat menu options. In addition to Tim Hortons, Subway and A&W included Beyond Meat as an option.

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Today, Beyond Meat's stock dropped almost 4% on the NASDAQ. Yesterday, Beyond Meat's stock was riding a high, but the stock price drastically dropped this afternoon and is continuing to fluctuate. 

Still, Beyond Meat has been one of the fastest-growing companies this year thanks to close partnerships with fast-food and grocery franchises. 

Who knows, maybe Tim Hortons will bring back Beyond Meat in Quebec one of these days, but for now, if you loved Tims Beyond Meat products, run to your nearest Tim Hortons and stock up tonight!

Or you know, just take a drive to Ottawa. 

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