• Quebec IGA grocery stores have teamed up with FoodHero to expand their fight against food waste to nearly 200 stores across the province.
  • The app allows you to save up to 60% on products destined for the landfill, including meat, dairy, veggies, and prepared meals.
  • It also tracks how much CO₂ you are saving with your FoodHero purchases.

Quebec IGA grocery stores are now offering customers a way to save money and save food that would otherwise be wasted. Food waste is a huge problem in Canada and it's exciting to know that large companies are starting to hold themselves accountable for their impact. The new FoodHero app that is now being offered by nearly 200 IGA stores across Quebec is a perfect example of this kind of action, showing yet again that IGA is determined to be at the front of the pack when it comes to reducing their carbon footprint.

About three months ago, IGA signed on to be one of the many companies in Quebec that decided to ban single-use plastic bags in their stores.

Then, two months ago, IGA let its customers know that they are encouraged to bring their own reusable containers when they come to purchase prepared meals and other non-packaged goods sold at the store. 

IGA initially teamed up with FoodHero back in May to begin testing the pilot project, however, yesterday marked the expansion of the program to include nearly 200 stores province-wide.

The app is super simple to use. Once you download FoodHero for iPhone or Android you can start to shop through "unsold products that are still perfectly good to eat," and the best part is that it's all marked down, anywhere from 25% to 60% off.

When you create a profile, FoodHero also calculates your own personal "CO₂ Heroics." It manages to tell you how much CO₂ you have saved by opting to purchase food that may have otherwise been thrown out.

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You might think there's not much of an impact, but food waste processing is a pretty carbon-heavy industry. The transportation alone, added to the processes of burning, burying or composting food all have a huge impact on our planet.

Plus, FoodHero also disrupts the production cycle, meaning less food needs to be produced, another process that spews plenty of CO₂ into the air.

So when you use FoodHero you're not only saving a ton of money, you can also track how much CO₂ you've saved, too.

The app functions like an online marketplace, where you can scroll through locations or types of food to find what you're looking for at great discounted prices.

In my scroll through, I saw a 6-pack of St-Viateur bagels for $2.90, a big pack of Organic Baby Spinach for $2.92 and tons of meat products marked down 50%.

From the app you simply select a product and add it to your "grocery basket." Then you just check out, like any online purchase, and once the purchase is processed, a FoodHero bag is made and set aside at the store. Then you can head over to the IGA location to pick up your purchase at the scheduled time. The app will notify you when the order is ready.

Plus, you get $5 off your first order when you download the app and another $5 if you refer a friend and they sign up.

To find your closest participating IGA store, head to the IGA website here.

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