• With August ending, there's no question that Autumn is the sentiment on everyone's minds.
  • Just in time, AccuWeather has released their national Fall forecast for this year.
  • Take a look below to see what they have to say about Quebec and Montreal.

I know, I know. I've been waxing poetic about Autumn for days now and I should really chill because it's still August and we all know it's been a while since September really counted as Fall in these parts.

But I just really love the season, what can I say?! I love the layering up, because it shows just how truly fashionable this friggen city is.

I love the change in the air, how it gets so fresh and crisp, especially first thing in the morning, so that somehow everyday kind of feels like the first day of school. (Can you tell I was a keener in my student days?)

I love watching the leaves change and taking long drives outside of the city to just marvel at this ridiculously beautiful province I call home.

I think I just love the fact that we have seasons in general... cause you'll catch me blathering on like this about winter before it hits, too. Trust.

So I was pretty intrigued to see that AccuWeather had released their Autumn 2019 forecast for Canada and I had to know what it meant for Montreal... and I'm here to share that information with you now!

Below is a map of AccuWeather's forecast highlights, showing what we can assume to expect this Fall across the country.

The map below indicates that Montreal, and Quebec as a whole, will be receiving "cooler, wetter" weather... but not just yet.

They note that while we will be seeing this expected Fall weather eventually, for now it's still "shorts and short-sleeve shirt" weather for Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

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Yes, unfortunately, "summer warmth and humidity" will still be the norm for us even as Autumn pretends to roll in.

AccuWeather notes that Fall will be a little tardy to start in Quebec and that the annual first freeze may take a couple extra weeks to come around.

I don't think anyone here is complaining about that.

The "first chill of the season" is expected to hit us closer to October, justifying my sentiment above that September is barely Fall anymore... and this year I think it's safe to say June was barely summer, so... I guess this is climate change.

AccuWeather also notes that when these "surges of cold air coming down across the warmer Great Lakes" start to hit in October, we'll see that "cooler, wetter" business pictured in the map above. The cool air over the warm lakes is a recipe for thunderstorms and even waterspouts, so make sure you've got yourself a nice raincoat.

To read the full, national Fall forecast, head to AccuWeather's article here.

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